Cyber Security

Cyber Security has become, by far, the most important aspect of Information Technology (IT). Just about everyone can agree on that point. In a world riddled with data breaches and ransomware attacks, the need for not only securing your technology infrastructure, but educating end-users, has never been higher. The end-user has become the biggest culprit of malicious attacks on companies, big and small, across the globe.

Echelon Technologies specializes in helping businesses achieve their IT security goals. We take a two front approach that focusses on optimizing security components (AV, Firewalls, MFA, VPNs, etc.) within your IT infrastructure, as well as educating and training staff members to identify and avoid malicious items they encounter daily.

  • Defense, In-Depth
  • Cyber Security Training & Threat Prevention for End users & I.T. Personnel
  • Comprehensive Network Penetration Testing
  • Malware/Rootkit Removal
  • Cryptos Virus Prevention Strategies
  • Using Tomorrow’s Defense Strategies, Today