Camera Systems

Security cameras are more important than ever. A good camera system is a vital asset in protecting your business and managing operations. With so many choices out there, business owners often find it difficult to select the right system for their needs. In addition, prices vary significantly, depending on the type of camera, as well as the vendor. All too often, owners are over-sold or under-sold by sellers who aren’t listening and paying attention to the unique needs of the business.

Benefits of IP camera systems

Security cameras have become a common feature of modern security systems. However, technology continues to move forward and analog systems are becoming more and more outdated. Businesses and professionals are moving away from analog to IP video systems. There are several advantages to choosing IP over analog. Here are just a few of the benefits of IP camera systems:

  • Image Resolution

    IP cameras come in a wide range of resolutions and vary depending you user requirements. As compared to analog, even the lowest resolution IP cameras offer four times the resolution of any analog camera system.

  • Scalability & Security

    Adding new cameras is as easy as connecting to the IT network, allowing for unlimited connections. IP-based systems record video NVRs (Network Video Recorders), not DVRs. This technology often utilizes a RAID configuration to disperse data across multiples hard drives for safety, security and efficiency. As well, the data can be transmitted across the web, which allows for remote access and scaling beyond a single facility.

  • Installation & Portability

    Believe it or not, but IP camera security systems are actually easy to install. Today, most IP cameras are plug-and-play, the same way your laptop’s mouse installs. In addition, cabling is easier as well. IP cameras use a single cable that can be used for everything. IP cameras can be powered through the same cable that transmits the video signal and any PTZ commands.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    As the technology continues to improve, the cost of IP cameras dropping, significantly. As the cost of IP cameras becomes more competitive with analog cameras, combined with the above-mentioned benefits of improved image resolution, scalability, ease of installation and the ability to apply video analytics, now is the time to move your video security system from analog to IP.

IP Camera Features

  • Full HD 1080p Real Time Video
  • True Wide Dynamic Range – 120dB
  • Up to 2688 x 1520 Resolution (20FPS)
  • 4mm IR Lens
  • POE – Power over Ethernet
  • Free CMS & IP Server Software